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2015-16 Tryouts

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September 2015
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TRBO Summer Tournament
TRBO Summer Tournament June 6-7 All games will be played at Sheldon High School unless otherwise noted below.  Players should be at the gym, dressed and ready to go, 15 minutes prior to game time. Saturday, June 6  VARSITY 4:30p v. Ro
2015 Summer Program Tryouts
Tryouts for the 2015 Irish Hoops Summer Program will begin on Tuesday, May 26th at 6:00p at Sheldon High School. Players who would like to compete for a spot on one of our summer teams need to have their informational forms and pre-payment comple
2015 Irish Hoops Youth Summer Camp
The 2015 Irish Hoops Youth Summer Camp will be held on June 15-16 at Sheldon high school. Click on the Summer Camp tab on the left side of our home page for more information and registration. Go Irish!