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2015-16 Tryouts

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2015 Winter Sports Registration
 2015 Winter Sports Registration will be on Tuesday, November 11th from 4:30pm - 7:00pm in the cafeteria.  Please make sure  your athletes have a current physical on file (every 2 years).  A player/parent meeting will
Sheldon point guard Autumn Baumgartner commits to Georgetown University
Sheldon point guard Autumn Baumgartner has committed to accept a basketball scholarship to Georgetown University, according to Irish coach Brian Brancato. Last season, she averaged 19.5 points, six steals and three assists. She was named to the So
TRBO Summer Tournament
TRBO Summer Tournament June 6-7 All games will be played at Sheldon High School unless otherwise noted below.  Players should be at the gym, dressed and ready to go, 15 minutes prior to game time. Saturday, June 6  VARSITY 4:30p v. Ro