Sheldon Girls Basketball

Jan. 30th: Sheldon @ South Medford

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Sheldon cruises past Willamette 67-36
Sheldon 67, Willamette 36: Autumn Baumgartner had 12 points, 10 assists and five steals against her former team, and the Irish defeated the Wolverines at home. Sarah Hall added 12 points and seven rebounds for Sheldon, and Karina Clark scored 11 poin
Irish handle Black Tornado
Sheldon traveled to North Medford on friday for a Southwest Conference matchup and came away victorious 51-33.  Autumn Baumgartner led the Irish in scoring with 15 points, Aurionna Kirton added 10 points, and Sarah Hall scored 8 points.  Ho
#6 Irish move to 11-3 with 71-49 victory at South Eugene
Sheldon defeated Southwest Conference opponent South Eugene tuesday 71-49.  The win puts the Irish at 3-1 in conference play, while the loss drops South Eugene to 0-4.  Sheldon is currently ranked #6 in the OSAA Power Rankings and #7 in the